Night Rafting Safari

Have you ever wondered how does river and its bio life looks during the night? Someone sees dark as obstacle, for us it represents possibility. Possibility to discover all of the river secrets which are hidden on daylight. Now, you have the perfect opportunity to discover different perspective of Drava river, within our Night Rafting Drava Safari program. Use the head lamps to wake up sleeping nature, flora and fauna of Drava river, habitats of animals and many other things which just a small number of people was able to witness. This is a unique and innovative way of discovering tributaries, secret lakes and passages and all that, during the cover of dark which will give provide lifetime experience.

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” 

― Stephenie Meyer


    • Varaždin County, Svibovec Podravski

    • extremely safe adventure
    • suitable for all group age
  • Number of participant

    • 4-12 people

    • cca 4 hours
  • More Adventure equipment

    • raft, paddle, safety west
    • waterproof bag/barrel
    • anorak jacket, neoprene wetsuit, wet shoes
    • headlamp
  • Guides

    • licensed quides with many years of commercial experience
  • What to bring?

    • swimming suit, towel
    • sandals/flip-flop suitable for water
    • drinking liquids
    • anti-mosquito spray
    • extra clothes (jacket, long sleeve shirt…)


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