Northwest cycling adventure

Active vacation is becoming more and more popular, and that’s why we offer this unique experience, which will allow you to stay active while sightseeing locations which often unfairly remain unknown to most of the tourists.  Discover beautiful touristic region Haloze – Zagorje on northwestern part of Varaždin County.

Cycling through Vinica with panoramic view of Maceljsko and Ivanečko highlands will leave you speechless. Defensive fortress from 14th and church from 18th century are a must-see locations. After atractive downhill from Vinica, filling your bidons with refreshing water from Zmržjak source will give you energy for rest of the journey.

Your adventure goes on through one of three croatian’s arboretum – Opeka arboretum with castle ruin from 17th century and finishes at Zelendvor, popular hunting center with famous restaurant which serves local food.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”

– John F. Kennedy


    • northwest part of Varaždin County – “Haloza – Zagorje”

    • extremely safe adventure
    • minimal age – 15 years
  • Number of participans

    • 2 – 10 people

    • approximately 5 hours
  • More Adventure equipment

    • MTB bikes (Cross Traction SL5)
    • cycling helmet
    • possibility of renting child bike seats
  • Guides

    • licensed guides with many years of commercial experience
  • What to bring?

    • sun protection (sunglasses, sun block)
    • extra clothes
    • wind jacket
    • drinking liquids


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